I’m dedicated to solving problems – not just making things look pretty. By taking on the mindset of a founder, I dig deep into recognizing problems and finding solutions.


It’s very important to understand the user – their problems, pain points and expectations. Everything should be decided by research.


Never settle. Keep pushing to create the best product possible. Test and retest – and test again. Tear it apart and put it back together.


One cannot design in a vacuum. Working well with others on your team is hugely important. The best ideas come from more than one mind.


A great solution usually comes when the previous three steps are done well. And even when you think you have a solution – keep searching.

Recent Work


Arrow: A Freelance Musician Network

The world is more connected than ever. So are musicians. ArrowApp provides an easy solutions for musicians to hire or sell their services.

With Arrow, a singer/songwriter in Missoula, MT can connect with a guitar player in Boston, MA. Musicians no longer have to be dependent on their local scene for collaborations. This app allows musicians to create the best music they can, and for seasoned recording pros to make a nice bit of money on the side.

AltWeekly: User-Generated Alt News

Is hyperlocal news dead? I don’t think so. I created AltWeekly to try to dispel the belief that no one wants this media form.

AltWeekly is an online alternative news and lifestyle site and app that features content from multiple cities in the United States. Users can select a city and read features on local news and politics, urban development, music, theater, art movies and more. In addition, users can create their own content.


  • Mike-Monteiro

    “Confidence doesn’t come from knowing you’re right—it comes from being okay with failing.”

    Mike Monteiro
  • zeldman

    “Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.”

    Jeffery Zeldman
  • elliott

    “I don’t think the point is to make no mistakes. That’s… just not the point.”

    Elliott Smith

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