The Problem

Customers are more demanding than ever. From shopping online to walking into a brick and mortar store, they expect a great experience, accurate information and excellent service. Mozu customers needed an app that allowed their sales associates the ability to manage inventory, customer and order information.

The Process

I worked closely with the Mobile Design Team refining user flows and wireframes. Once these were solid, I went to work on the high-res mockups. We used a Kanban board to manage the project. And there were many iterations while working toward the final product.

The Solution

We created an extension of the Mozu cloud platform that keeps sales associates responsive to customer’s needs. With this app users can review product details such as categories, options and inventory; gain real-time access to the store’s order activity; create new orders; fulfill items for in-store pickup and filter orders by status and access customer details, which help facilitate stronger engagement.

iPad App

Android App

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