The Problem, an online fashion retailer and Mozu client, needed a way to increase social network engagement with their brand. And they needed the app to integrate with the Mozu platform.

The Process

Our product team met with the marketing team at Bluefly to brainstorm ideas on how to increase social engagement with the brand. Once we agreed on the parameters, we went to work creating user flows, wireframes and personas.

The Solution

Many ideas were shared, but the idea that won out was an app that can display social feeds directly on Bluefly’s storefront. This way, Bluefly is letting their customers advertise for them.

The application integrates Mozu with Bluefly’s Instagram account and allows users to search content relevant to the Bluefly brand.

Bluefly could then specify actions that take shoppers from an image feed to a targeted landing page, create multiple feeds to run different campaigns simultaneously, keyword search and edit captions.

Click the link below to view the prototype. Click anywhere on the prototype screen to view the hotspots that will walk you through the app.


Desktop App

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